octombrie 13, 2017


In October 2017 the KIT partners met for the first transnational meeting in Navodari, Romania to discuss how the ambitious programme of the project can be brought to practice.

The project partnership consists of three European institutions from Belgium, Italy and Romania. The partners discussed the main focus and the general structure of the project.

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The general objective of the project: the exchange of good practices and the implementation of some innovative didactic strategies in order to ensure the raise of the interest rate in school and the educational progress of the disadvantaged  students.

Specific objectives

  • facilitating learning in an international context, which promotes tolerance and cooperation;
  • promoting cultural enrichment through familiarization with different cultural contexts;
  • promoting equality and integration in education by increasing the active participation of the disadvantaged students;
  • developing the abilities of communication in a foreign language;
  • promoting innovative methods and techniques of teaching/learning through the exchange of experience/pedagogical practices between teachers from different countries;
  • developing and enriching the teachers’ knowledge, abilities and competences of working in a formal/non-formal environment through the exchange of good practices, the transfer of innovative methods and learning by collaborating and working as a team;
  • increasing the ability of the three countries involved in the project to offer a high-quality education to all their students, including those coming from disadvantaged groups and developing a behavior based on a clear understanding of the values, respect and tolerance  for other cultures, by consolidating the European dimension of education as well as the entire learning process.


In the first day of the meeting we had the project launch with the participation of the entire community. Our students presented the most important activities of the project to the 150 guests.

The next day our partners went to visit the Constanta, getting to know about our Old Town Tomis. They went for a nice walk in the city, visiting the harbor, the Casino, the beautiful seafront, the mosque, where they went up in the minaret and the old center.

Next Steps

During the workshops they set up working steps for the next period of the project, as follows.

The partners have agreed together on the selection criteria of the students who will be involved in mobilities.

It was decided that all the future changes proposed by the partners would be integrated in the work plan. The partners suggested that it would be a good idea to go on with four other meetings.


After that, the partners focused on the three intellectual outputs which have to be addressed now in KIT:


  1. The survey for identification the causes of educational failure.

The Romanian team presented a questionnaire, which would be used as a starting point for future discussions.


  1. The Travel Guide

There will be six teams for six topics: “My home country”, “My town-things to do”, “My school and school system”, “Our culture”, “Our traditional food” and “A friendly  Environment”.


At the meeting in Italy, the students from the three participant countries will present their own brochure and then they will select the material for and will agree on a final common brochure.


  1. Handbook – „European Way for Motivation”


The three partners chose the best working strategy. During the coffee break, there was a discussion about non-formal lesson and STEM method.


  1. Target groups


Target groups that will fill in the evaluation questionnaires are students, parents, teachers, community members. The questionnaire results will be collected and analyzed by each school and posted on the project website.

The partners established the agenda for the next meeting in Belgium:

  • initiating sessions with the teachers and the students on Skype;
  • the students will be working on the Travel Guide;
  • choosing and presenting the final version of the questionnaires for the intermediary evaluation.



KIT partners


   European Coordinator





It was a pleasure making this project happen and we would like to thank everyone who participated! We hope our guests enjoyed their time because we very much enjoyed hosting them!


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