decembrie 28, 2019



Activities which were held:

-had worked together with their peer on project topic of mutual interest, undertaking project activities and has used information and communication technologies (ICT);

-workshop to introduce STEM education in teaching

-workshop to finalize the second part on the brochure “The Travel Guide”, respectively- Our culture, Our traditional food, A friendly Environment;

-had participated in model lessons CLIL and STEM with colleagues from the host school, in where the teachers had implemented non-formal method;

-the students and the teachers had participated at a traditional Belgian dinner

-had took part in non- formal activities and outdoor (sport events)activities. They had ride the bike and admired the nature from around.

The guest students participate in STEM lesson

Italian students at a STEM lesson

Italian students at a STEM lesson

Italian STEM aplication

Romanians at STEM lesson

STEM lesson- Belgian student help a guest student to complete the STEM application

Students prepare for a bicycle ride in the area

C5-Blended mobility of school learners in Navodari

  •  In the period between 6th to 10th May 2019 was held the last blended mobility of school learners in Navodari,Romania. Activities which were held:- introduction to the training activities, presentation of the host organization. -students follow non-formal  and CLIL classes-non-formal education through sport and physical activities,-jobshadowing at Petromidia Refinery, -students participated a non- formal history lesson in situ on city of Histria at fortress,-peer to peer students worked at the final form of brochure „The Travel Guide”-practice sessions and debriefing. Fair with traditional Romanian food to help students with reduced material possibilities Visit to Rompetrol Presentation of Rompetrol Refinery Jobshadowing at Rompetrol Non-formal math lesson ,non-formal science lesson, Non-formal history lesson in situ Presentation of Histria fortress

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