Our project

Key action 2 / Strategic Partnerships between schools


PROJECT No.: 2017-1-RO01-KA219-037181


Project duration: 01.10.2017 - 30.09.2019
The general objective of the project:

The exchange of good practices and the implementation of some innovative didactic strategies in order to ensure the raise of the interestrate in school and the educational progress of the underprivileged students.
Specific objectives:
  • facilitating learning in an international context, which promotes tolerance and cooperation;

  • promoting the acquisition and the development of key competences in domains related to active citizenship, social integration and solidarity;

  • promoting cultural enrichment through familiarization with different cultural contexts;

  • promoting equality and integration in education by increasing the active participation of the underprivileged students;

  • developing the abilities of communication in a foreign language;

  • promoting innovative methods and techniques of teaching/learning through the exchange of experience/pedagogical practices between teachers from different countries;

  • developing and enriching the teachers’ knowledge, abilities and competences of working in a formal/non-formal environment through the exchange of good practices, the transfer of innovative methods and learning by collaborating  and working as a team; 

  • improving school results and preventing students from dropping out of school by promoting learning through collaboration, by promoting critical thinking in the study of the customs and traditions typical to each country and by supporting and raising the students’ level of self-esteem;

  • increasing the ability of the three countries involved in the project to offer a high-quality education to all their students, including those coming from underprivileged groups and developing a behaviour based on a clear understanding of the values, respect and tolerance  for other cultures, by consolidating the European dimension of education as well as the entire learning process.

The main activities of the project:
  • Planning, organizing and coordinating all the activities included in the project;

  • Collecting all the necessary information for the survey;

  • Planning and implementation of the non-formal lessons;

  • Contest for the best logo and the best poster for the project;

  • Site design, etwinning registration, Facebook pages,etc.;

  • Integration of the activities into the school curriculum;

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the activities;

  • Dissemination activities;

  • Obtaining the EuroPass Mobility Certificates;

  • Transnational mobility.

The results of the project
  • A diagnosis survey regarding the causes of educational failure;;

  • Counselling the parents of the students with a high-risk of dropping out of school;

  • Project logo and poster;

  • A Travelling Guide created through partnership:

  • A Textbook of Good practices with non-formal methods and strategies;

  • Workshops for the pedagogical, linguistic and cultural training of the participants to the project;

  • EuroPass Mobility Certificates for the mobility participants;

  • The etwinning page, Facebook pages, the project site in English;

  • Workshops with the students’ parents;

  • Workshops for the dissemination of the results of the project.